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Faculty/e-mail Research topics

Alfredo Gonçalves Cunha alfredo.cunha [at]

Plasma térmico, materiais carbonosos, supercondutores, reforma a seco de gás natural com plasma e caracterização por microscopia eletrônica de varredura.

Davi C. Rodrigues davi [at]

Dark matter, galaxies, gravitation, cosmology,  data analysis.

Edson C. Passamani passamaniec [at]

Magnetic properties, nanomagnetism, spintronics, thin films, magnetocaloric materials, Mössbauer spectroscopy.

Fernando N. N. Pansini fernandopansini [at]

Electronic structure calculations, atomic and molecular physics, nanoclusters.

Francisco Elias Jorge jorge [at]

Gaussian basis sets, all elements of the Periodic Table, Ab initio methods and DFT, scalar relatividstic corrections, spectroscopic constants and electrical and magnetic properties, optical rotation, electronic circular dichroism, UV-Vis spectra.

Galen Sotkov gsotkov [at]

Elementary particle physics, theoretical physics and mathematical physics -  super-strings models and AdS/CFT correspondence. Holographic RG flows, conformal field theories, scale factor duality and cosmological consequences of the holographic gauge/gravity duality.

Hermano E. S. Velten manovelten [at]

Cosmology and astrophysics; dark matter, dark energy, general relativity and its extensions.

Humberto Belich Junior belichjr [at]

Superconductivity, field theory, spontaneous violation of Lorentz symmetry, noncommutative theories, topological defects, supersymmetry, quantum mechanics.

Jair C. C. Freitas jairccfreitas [at]

Carbon materials, solid-state NMR, graphene oxide and hybrids, porous materials.

Júlio César Fabris julio.fabris [at]

Cosmology (structure formation, dark sector of the universe, primordial universe), black hole physics (classical solutions, stability, thermodynamics), quantum cosmology, quantum field theory in curved space-time.

Marcos T. D. Orlando mtdorlando [at]

Fluid flows in superconductors, high pressures, radioactivity, electroceramics, metal-ceramic interface, X-ray diffraction, neutron diffraction, protein SAXS, field theory.

Oliver F. Piattella oliver.piattella [at]

Dark matter, dark energy, inflation, gravitational lensing, theories of gravity.

Sergio Vitorino de Borba Gonçalves sergio.vitorino [at]

Cosmological models, primordial cosmology, quantum cosmology, observational cosmology, dark matter, dark energy, cosmological inflation, astrophysics of the interstellar medium, exoplanets.

Valberto Pedruzzi Nascimento valberpn [at]

Hybride multilayers, magnetic thin films, nanomagnetism, magnetic dichroism, soft x-ray resonant magnetic scattering, ferromagnetic resonance.

Valerio Marra ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ marra [at]

Cosmology, astronomy, data analysis, physics beyond the standard model.

Vinicius Candido Mota motavc [at]

Atomic and molecular physics.

Wanderlã L. Scopel wanderla.scopel [at]

2D materials, heterostructures, Van der Waals crystals, interfaces and nanostructured systems; electronic structure calculations.

Wendel Silva Paz wpascal1 [at]

Electronic, magnetic and optoelectronic properties of two dimensional materials and nanoclusters, topological insulators and photocatalysis.


Academic collaborators / e-mail Research topics

Antônio Canal Neto antonio.canal [at]

Stochastic methods for development of Gaussian basis sets, electronic structure of molecules.

Gabriel Luchini gabriel.luchini [at] 

Non-perturbative aspects of gauge theories, integrable field theories, solitonic solutions in classical field theories.
Jorge Luis Gonzalez Alfonso jlga.1966 [at]
Superconductivity, complex systems - computational simulations.
José Alexandre Nogueira nogueira [at] Minimal length (Generalized Uncertainty Principle) in classical machanics, quantum mechanics and quantum field theory. Casimir effect (boundary conditions, regularization, zeta function and spontaneous symmetry breaking). Elementary particle physics, Theoretical physics and Mathematical physics.

Miguel Angelo Schettino Junior miguel.ufes [at]

Synthesis and characterization (structural, physical and chemical) of porous carbonaceous materials. Studies of composites composed of magnetic nanoparticles inserted in porous carbonaceous materials. Characterization of "carbon blacks" produced from natural gas pyrolysis using thermal plasma. Synthesis and characterization of high temperature critical ceramic superconductors.


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