Fundamental Interactions

Description: The research line in Fundamental Interactions includes the following topics, in alphabetic order: extragalactic astrophysics, cosmology, mathematic physics, physics of particles, classical and quantum gravitation, and classical and quantum field theory.
The research line in fundamental interactions is predominantly theoretical, and it uses recent results from large experiments, both from high energies physics or large scale surveys (astrophysics and cosmology). Currently, this line has members that are also part of large surveys, in particular, the J-PAS (Javalambre physics of the accelerating universe).
The research requires the mastering of several aspects of mathematical and computational methods (either numeric or symbolic), and it also relies on several external collaborators.

Abbreviationsort descending Title Starting date Deadline (months)
AGACTO 12/05/2014 24
TMLCII 09/05/2016 24
TMLS3 Theories in a Minimal Length Scenario 11/05/2020 48
TMLSIII Theories in a Minimal Length Scenario III 09/05/2018 24
Nonperturbative aspects of gauge theories 04/05/2018 24
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