Unraveling the non-adiabaticity of dark energy.

Name: Raquel Emy Fazolo
Type: MSc dissertation
Publication date: 26/11/2018

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Hermano Endlich Schneider Velten Advisor *

Examining board:

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Wiliam Santiago Hipolito Ricaldi External Examiner *
Valerio Marra Internal Examiner *
Hermano Endlich Schneider Velten Advisor *
Felipe Tovar Falciano External Examiner *

Summary: The aim of this work is to study unusuals dark energy models. Instead of the normally accepted inside the cosmological model, WHERE the perturbations of the cosmic fluids are consider adiabatics, this work investigates dark energy models with nonadiabatic perturbations. We estudy these intrinsic and relative nonadiabatics perturbations for the
dark energy, in the context of relativistic cosmological linear perturbation theory. As a result, we observe a non-expected quasi-degeneracy between nonadiabatic dark energy models and ΛCDM, that is, nonadiabatic dark energy models are hardly distinguishable from the standard model. Our results are supported by ƒσ8 and cosmic microwave background (CMB) data through the integrated Sachs-Wolfe effect (ISW). A more precise analysis of this topic requires sources of data more rich such as the surveys that are about to come, and a analysis in the nonlinear and second order level to reveal the influence of the
nonadiabatic terms in the dark energy.

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