Wendel Silva Paz

Title: Dr (UAM, Espanha, 2017)

Research groups: CNPq (Google Translator version)
Curriculum: Lattes

Participation in projects:

Titlesort descending Starting date Deadline (months) Participation in the project
Collective states in two-dimensional crystals 17/04/2019 24 Coordinator *
01/08/2011 24 Student Master *
01/08/2011 24 Student Master *


Titlesort descending Details Defense date
Mestrado Acadêmico dissertação 15/03/2013

Participants in examination boards:

Titlesort descending Name Defense date Course
Atomic simulations and prediction of NMR spectra in carbonaceous materials. Alan Johnny Romanel Ambrozio 13/07/2018 Doctoral Degree in Physics
Spontaneous Violation of Lorentz Symmetry, Non-Commutativity and Kaluza-Klein Scenario for a Relativistic Scalar Particle. Érico Vinicius Bezerra Leite 04/12/2020 Doctoral Degree in Physics
Synthesis of the Bi2Se3 topological insulator using the TBDTA isochoric analyzer Messias Bicalho Cevolani 30/03/2022 Doctoral Degree in Physics
Theoretical study of doping, adsorption and intercalation of vanadium in monolayer and bilayer of molybdenum diselenide - MoSe2 João Vitor Bastos Del Piero 18/03/2022 Master’s Degree in Physics
Theoretical study of substitution doping carbon monolayer in phosphorene. Renan Narciso Pedrosa 18/06/2019 Master’s Degree in Physics


Disciplines taught:

Academic termsort descending Code Name Hours Course
2020/2 PFIS-3020 Seminaries 30 Doctoral Degree in Physics
2020/2 PFIS-2031 Topics: Materiais topológicos I 60 Master’s Degree in Physics
2021/1 PFIS-3020 Seminaries 30 Doctoral Degree in Physics
2021/2 PFIS-2002 Electromagnetic Theory I: Especial 90 Master’s Degree in Physics

Guided Students:

Name Titlesort descending Defense date Role Type
Nathanael Nardoto Batista Theoretical Study of Topological Phase Transitions in the Francheite: A Van der Waals Heterostructure of Natural Formation 06/09/2021 Advisor * MSc dissertation
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